Jamstack Virtual Conf

On Wednesday May 27th I'll be speaking at Netlify's Virtual Jamstack Conference. This event was meant to take place in London, but as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, the team at Netlify have made it virtual.

This is a very exciting prospect for everyone involved! Not only is the event free but this means talks will be viewed by viewers from across the globe! From a personal perspective, this is huge! It gives me a platform to network with lots of new people, share my story and teach people about Jamstack and how it offers so much more than a blog or a portfolio. I also want to raise diabetes awareness and I firmly believe this platform will help me accomplish this.

My slot is limited to ten minutes, but I have an extended version of the talk, and I hope to deliver this at more conferences and meetups. If this is something that you would like to see then let's chat on Twitter.

I hope to see you there!